Elimination Round
Jays defeat the Giants
White Sox defeat the Pirates

Braves defeat the Red Sox 2-1
Astros defeat the White Sox 2-0
Royals defeat the Jays 2-1
Mets defeat the Reds 2-1-1

Royals defeat the Braves 3-1
Astros defeat the Mets 3-1-1

Finals - Astros versus Royals
Royals win 3-2

The Royals pose with the SABL Trophy for their 2nd time.

Royals win the Championship

The Royals entered the 2013 SABL playoffs on the heels of a league record 28 game winning streak and posting a league best 28-2-1 record. Deep pitching and a stingy defence helped the Royals secure a league low 99 runs surrendered.

Their streak came to an abrupt end in their first game of the quarter finals at the hands of a pesky, up and coming Jays team. The series went the full 3 games and ended in dramatic fashion with a two out bases loaded single inside the third base line.

The semi-finals saw the Royals defeat the Braves 3 games to 1 on route to their league record 7th straight final.

The finals reunited the league�s top two teams, the Royals and the Astros. This was their 3rd meeting in the SABL finals, and the first since 2008. Games one and two were split. Game three showcased the Royals depth as 3 pitchers worked to secure a victory and take the swing game. The series went back and forth and had to be decided in a 5th and final game. Game 5 saw Micheal "Barney" Barnett take the mound. All of the games runs were scored in the first inning as the Royals stingy defence was able to secure a 4-1 victory.

This was the 2nd championship in the Royals 7 year history.