Pirates 10, Giants 1 Sunday August, 26 - 8:30 AM @ Wishing Well
W: J. Schade (1-0)  
M. Lovsin511000.200
C. Tzogas322010.667
P. McEnroe221120.500
J. Lennox432000.500
J. Schade201200.500
P. Chan310001.000
S. Wray312410.667
S. Fox402000.500
M. McIntosh401201.250
J. O'Leary300010.000
C. LePan000000.000
D. Wesley000000.000
2B: M. Lovsin (1), S. Fox (1)
RBI: P. McEnroe (1), J. Schade 2 (2), S. Wray 4 (4), M. McIntosh 2 (2)
SAC: J. Schade (1)
SF: J. Schade (1)
HBP: P. Chan (1)
SB: C. Tzogas 2 (2), J. Lennox (1)
J. Schade7.05110101.00
The Giants have not entered batting stats for this game.
The Giants have not entered pitching stats for this game.