White Sox 1, Giants 4 Sunday August, 20 - 12:00 PM @ Wishing Well
W: C. Edwards (1-0)  
The White Sox have not entered batting stats for this game.
The White Sox have not entered pitching stats for this game.
C. Edwards201000.500
J. Ibe100011.000
A. Warren200000.000
J. Marcelino211001.500
P. Edwards100010.000
K. Gee110011.000
A. Hearty210001.000
C. Park1111101.000
J. Ceksters201100.500
C. Patience1011001.000
S. Lunau201000.500
A. Cayley200002.000
M. Johnston200001.000
T. Morris201000.500
B. Fitzpatrick100000.000
RBI: C. Park (1), J. Ceksters (1), C. Patience (1)
HBP: C. Patience (1)
SB: K. Gee (1), C. Park (1), T. Morris (1)
CS: C. Edwards (1)
C. Edwards7.041011000.00