Jun 17 - Jun 23

Thursday Jun 20, 6:00 PM
Pirates 9 Box Score
Jays 2
Thursday Jun 20, 8:30 PM
Cardinals PPD
Saturday Jun 22, 6:00 PM
Jays PPD
Saturday Jun 22, 8:30 PM
Giants PPD
Sunday Jun 23, 8:30 AM
Braves Wishing Well
Sunday Jun 23, 10:55 AM
Angels Wishing Well
Sunday Jun 23, 1:20 PM
Royals Wishing Well
White Sox
Sunday Jun 23, 3:45 PM
White Sox Wishing Well
Sunday Jun 23, 6:10 PM
Cardinals Wishing Well
Sunday Jun 23, 8:35 PM
Pirates Wishing Well

Royals - 2023 Champions

The SABL is a competitive baseball league for players age 19+.  Prospective players can contact scarborough.baseball.sabl@gmail.com for further information. 

Posted by Pat McEnroe - Wednesday May 1, 7:45 AM

Sunday night indoor practices are finished for the season.  Please contact the individual teams for practice times on weekends going forward.

Posted by Anthony Schiralli - Sunday Apr 7, 4:00 PM

All current and prospective SABL players are invited out to practice Sunday nights from 9pm to 11pm at the facility at 1550 Birchmount ave in Scarborough.  The cost is $15 cash. 

Posted by Anthony Schiralli - Saturday Jan 27, 12:37 PM